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Emergency Dentist Reservoir

Emergency Dentistry

Did you meet with an accident?

If it’s an emergency, in case of unconsciousness, shaking, don’t wait – CALL 000
If the patient is awake and conscious, and he has

  • Chipped front tooth
  • Trauma to lips and tooth, laceration
  • Tooth ache
  • Swelling or tenderness or sensitivity
  • Broken denture or broken off claps

Our dentists are well experienced in such trauma cases and will be able to assist you with the situation. We highly recommend you to give us call before coming in, so that we can instruct you how to deal with the situation.  For example, if the tooth is out of the socket, then to place it in cold milk for transportation and so on.

If your child or children play any sport, we have specialised team who can assess the sport and custom make mouth guard which are stronger and specific for the sport that the child is doing. Using a sports mouth guard any sport related emergencies can be avoided.

We guarantee same day appointment for emergency appointments.

Note: On Sundays we are open only by appointments.


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All Insurances and Child Dental Benefit Scheme.