Root Canal Treatments

Do you have any of these?
  • Tooth ache that’s waking you from sleep or prolonged sensitivity to hot/cold.
  • Discolored Tooth
  • Tenderness on Chewing
  • Swelling or Pimple on Gum

If you have any one of the above, it is an emergency, if left untreated it can cause more serious complications.
Please book an emergency appointment with us now.

Are you worried that you will have to pull out the tooth?
Not all tooth that aches need to be pulled out.

Root Canal treatment is an option to keep the natural teeth as long as possible. It requires 1-3 short appointments, is usually done after numbing the tooth and less expensive than more complex treatment like pulling out and replacement options like implants.

Our caring dentist has advanced skills in using rotary root canal treatment and can help you with any further questions that you have.

Diagrammatic representation of tooth having decay extending to the nerves, root canal treatment procedure of removing the caries, cleaning the nerves and filling the tooth.

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