Restorations & Fillings

Do you have any of these on your tooth?
  • Feel a hole or empty space
  • Brown to black color on your teeth
  • Sensitive to cold or sweets
  • Random pain that goes away

Are you worried about the pain, discoloration and the expense of treatment?

These are early signs of disease and if attended to, can control the progression of the disease.  Simple treatments like remineralisation or restorations, which are usually pain free and very less expensive.

Usually these cavities are picked up by our dentist on routine exam appointments and with the help of our in-house digital technologies like the intra oral caries detecting camera and digital radiographs.

In addition to silver fillings and white filling, we also do on lays and inlays which are stronger and long lasting than conventional fillings and is case dependent.

Diagrammatic representation of tooth decay and filling.

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