Denture, Partial & Complete

Do you have any of these?
  • Long gaps between your teeth
  • No tooth in the end of the jaw
  • Periodontally weak tooth or periodontitis

Are you worried about replacing those lost teeth?
We are a perfect solution for you by using partial or complete denture (in case if you have no teeth at all ).  This is a good option in case you don’t want any complex treatment or huge treatment fees. If maintained well these denture can last for long. There are options of durable, strong and stable partial denture with chrome-cobalt or metal or tooth supported ( if the tooth nearby is strong enough) or acrylic for replacing those missing teeth, which in long run would be replaced to complete denture.  Our dentists would help determine which is the best option for you.

We also can help with implant supported denture for those patient who want more stability.

Diagrammatic representation of Full Denture and Partial Denture

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