Crown & Bridge

Do you have any of these?
  • Missing Tooth/ Teeth
  • Root Canal Treated Tooth
  • Shorter Tooth
  • Cracks on Tooth
  • Broken down Tooth or Heavily Filled Tooth

Are you worried about the aesthetics and function due to any of the above?

Crown and bridge are an option to restore the aesthetics and function of the lost tooth structure.

Crowns/Caps is custom made to reflect the size, shape and color of the tooth. It strengthens the tooth by holding it together and preventing further break down there by increasing the longevity of natural tooth as much as possible. It is less expensive than most other complex treatment options like extraction and implants.

Bridge is an option to maintain space and function due to missing tooth/ teeth, cemented /fixed to nearby natural teeth for your ease of maintenance.

Talk to our highly skilled dentist to know if this option suits your needs.

Diagrammatic representation of treating an affected tooth with crown/cap and bridge

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