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Children Dentistry

Children Dentistry

Does your child have any of these?
  • Discolored Tooth
  • Yellowish Teeth
  • Hole on Tooth
  • Pain
  • Scared of Dental Visits

Are you worried about your child being in pain?

Our friendly dentist is having extensive experience in handling children, she has special techniques in convincing phobic patients. Our dentist use behaviour management and tell do show technique.

We work on the principle of preventive dentistry and highly recommend acquainting your child to teeth hygiene as early as 6 months and to the dentist as early as 2 years for routine check-ups.

A healthy smile is the best gift that you can give a child, and a healthy smile starts from a consistent professional dental care.

We offer fissure sealants, dental fillings, halls technique, extractions, space maintainers and myobraces for children. Early interventions avoid pain, space loss causing crowding and future orthodontics.

No out of pocket expenses if you are eligible for CDBS

Diagrammatic representation of step by step technique of doing fissure sealants for preventing caries.

Diagrammatic representation of Halls technique of doing stainless steel crown for extensive caries.

Diagrammatic representation of Space maintainers for missing tooth to avoid space loss, reducing likely chances of orthodontic treatment.

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All Insurances and Child Dental Benefit Scheme.