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Orthodontic, Myobrace & Clear Aligner

Orthodontic, Myobrace & Clear Aligner

Does you child have?
  • Crooked
  • Crowded teeth
  • Spacing between

Are you worried about your child being bullied at school for the way how the teeth are?  Is it affecting your child’s confidence?

Having crooked teeth or crowded dentition has a huge impact on growing child. Breathing through mouth, thumb sucking, adenoids, tonsillitis, genetics are a few of reasons why they have mal-aligned teeth.

We have many options including myobrace for coperative children to fixed braces.

We also use clear braces for those patients who don’t like the way how it looks .

Talk to our friends dental team to discuss the options.

Myobrace Advanced Appliance System

Diagrammatic representation of orthodontic treatment based on aesthetics of the brackets.

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All Insurances and Child Dental Benefit Scheme.